Poor quality sunglasses may harm vision: Experts

Islamabad-Eye specialists on Sunday warned the citizens not to use poor quality UV sunglasses which may harm and create long term vision defects.

Talking to a private news channel, Professor Dr Khalid Wahid said that sunglasses or goggles are a form of protective eye wears meant to prevent bright and high energy light from damaging or discomforting the eyes.

Many people are complaining of eye problems after using substandard goggles on roads. According to the doctor these poor quality sunglasses or goggles are the basic reason for causing several eye infections and refractive errors. He further explained that Ill effects of using poor quality of sunglasses can cause eye irritation, tears in eyes, visual distortion, headache, blurred vision etc, said eye specialist. Motorists as well as pedestrians are wearing shades to protect their eyes from scorching summer heat.

But a majority of the motorists prefer cheap shades sold by hawkers at a cheaper price which does not have polarization, UVA and UVB filters, Dr said.

“Wearing full dark sunglasses will increase pressure on eyes and as a result pupil opens up by half mm to 5mm to catch the proper vision and which also allows dangerous UVA and UVB light rays into eyes which may damage them,” eye expert said.

There are some other long-term effects like Pinguecula, a yellow fatty deposit on white part of the eye and short-time damage but not in all cases, he added.

It is better not to wear shades instead of wearing cheap glasses, Dr mentioned. Many customers while choosing sunglasses prefer style, colour and brand name to quality of glasses while the economical rate is also a matter of attraction. Eye specialist highlighted, a qualified Ultra Violet (UV) filtering sunglasses require good transparency of vision that do not affect the visual material while low quality material glasses result in visual distortion, such as headaches, dizziness, blurred vision and other symptoms.

Meanwhile, skin specialists Dr Naeem Iqbal has said  excessive sweating and excessive sun exposure are major reason behind skin diseases in summer weather. Various skin aliments like heat rashes, fungal disease, prickly heat and acnes (pimples) have increased 50 per cent in hot weather. He informed that uses of detergents and substandard cosmetics products also cause different skin diseases among women.

Some skin diseases have automatically increased in summer; therefore, people should adopt preventive measures in this regard, he urged to citizens while talking to a private news channel.

Dr said the masses to adopt healthy lifestyle habits in personnel life like using hygienic food, remaining clean, using separate towel, wearing light colour dress and consuming fresh water to avoid seasonal skin diseases.

Women and men should apply sun block creams or lotions to avoid severity of weather, he mentioned. He advised to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, avoid having spicy foods and applying substandard cosmetics products. The public to strengthen their immune system, wear comfortable clothes, and take regular baths. It is also good to use an antibacterial soap to fight bacteria.

“Use an anti-bacterial soap, to wash out germs, virus, bacteria, and fungus from your body,” Dr said.

Oakleyonorder.com | Havaianas Just Launched A Sunglasses Collection & It’s The Perfect Match For Your Flip Flops

Havaianas flip flops are an essential part of my summer uniform. They always have such cute styles and once you break ’em in, they are super comfy. Havaianas is further cementing its position as one of the most summer-friendly brands with the first-ever Havaianas sunglasses collection. OMG, you guys! It’s about time Havs sunnies became a thing.

Here’s the intel regarding the Havaianas shades situation.

They are moderately priced — they fall in the same price bracket as Quays— are 24 cute and trendy pairs of shades in this collection, with four silhouettes that come in a variety of colors. They are named after Brazilian beaches: Rio, Noronha, Paraty, and Trancoso. There is also a pair named Brazil, which is inspired by the country’s flag and comes in two color options.

There are plenty of choices to suit your personal style. If your sunglasses wardrobe is in desperate need of a refresh, especially since the days are longer and brighter and your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them require extra protection, then you need to grab your credit card and pick up a pair or six.

The Havaianas sunnies start at $68 and go as high as $88 for the Brazils. The frames will be available both online and in stores and the lenses have UVA/UVB protection. That means that they are both safe and stylish.

Courtesy of Havaianas

Rio in Black, $68, havaianas.com

The Rios are super modern and fashion-forward, thanks to the chunky take on the classic Aviator silhouette. I am in lurve with this frame.

Courtesy of Havaianas

Noronha in Black, $68, havaianas.com

The Noronha is a slightly cat-eye shape and is probably my favorite. Wait, I take that back. I dig Rio and Noronha equally.

Courtesy of Havaianas

Trancoso in Black/Orange, $68, havaianas.com

The Trancoso frame is round and comes in an array of bright, summery, and super fun colors. Can’t you see yourself wearing these while hanging out on your friend’s boat on a lazy summer day? Go ahead, indulge the fantasy!

Courtesy of Havaianas

Paraty in Blue/White, $68, havaianas.com

The Paratys are pretty much a party in sunglass form. The wayfarer shape is so beach-ready.

Courtesy of Havaianas

Brazil in Black, $88, havaianas.com

Brazil is slightly pricier and so cool.

Now that Havaianas has launched a sunglasses collection, I am all like, “What took you so long?” Better late than never or not at all, though!

Oakleyonorder.com: Features and Benefits of Nike Brazen Prescription Sunglasses

​With so many style choices for sunglasses, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the frames can do more than just hold the lenses and look nice. Nike, however, makes sure to add features to its frames that, in part, are intended to make the glasses functionally better than alternatives. Of course, it hasn’t forgotten that good sunglass frames have to be stylish. Buyers can always look forward to a sporty style from Nike.

All of these things hold true for the popular Nike Brazen Prescription Sunglasses. They project an image of an active person, are sleek enough to avoid looking like safety glasses, and have an anti-fog feature.

The Look

These sunglasses aren’t very big overall, so they leave much of the face exposed. This also leaves users with plenty of room to wear ski masks without having to worry about the mask or other face covering scratching the lenses. Nike has made these glasses with skiing and water sports in mind, so it’s important that they work with any associated equipment.

As with many of Nike’s frames, these have wide temples. This isn’t just a style choice; it’s done to help stop glare from coming in from the sides. Nike knows that when users are actively engaged in a sport, they can’t just turn their heads to stop this glare. Instead, the glasses have to do all of the work.

Special Features

The Brazen frame has one notable special feature: A ventilated nose piece. This is meant to help prevent fogging of the lenses. The nose piece is made of a rubbery material that is very comfortable. It, according to reviewers, has only one drawback: It’ll melt if left in a hot car on a summer day. Users should be sure to take their glasses out of the car on sunny days to prevent this from happening.

Another feature that’s standard with Nike frames is vinyl construction. Vinyl can be made more thickly than metal without becoming too heavy, so it’s best for sports glasses. Nike’s frames are always thick enough to provide the durability needed to stand up to active use.

The Lenses

As with any other glasses frame, pretty much any lens style will fit. This, however, doesn’t mean the lenses are all the same. For these glasses, it’s often best to choose Transitions lenses. These lenses turn clear when indoors, but develop their „sunglass” shading when actually in the sun.

The reason it’s a good idea to use these lenses in Nike glasses is that these frames look good enough to want to wear them even when not outside. By choosing Transitions treatment for the lenses, wearers can be comfortable in all situations without the need to buy two pairs of glasses. Doing so also eliminates the problem of having two sets of glasses and then losing one.

Which other lens features to choose is another thing to consider. Polarized lenses eliminate the sort of glare that comes off of the ground or the surface of water, so they’re great for people who buy the Brazen frame for sporting use. This frame is intended for use in skiing and water sports, and both of these activities involve dealing with a lot of surface glare.

For people who buy the glasses for their style value and expect to do little or no actual skiing or water activities, standard neutral gray anti-UV lenses should work well. This color provides the most realistic view.

To learn more about Nike Brazen prescription sunglasses or any other popular frame styles, just contact us. We’ll be glad to tell you all about them and help you choose a pair.